Status Alive
Race Human
Age 27
Birth Date
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Hometown The Anderfels
Residence Circle Tower (not for long), Ferelden
Affiliation Circle Mage
Occupation None
Class Mage
Specialization Spirit Healer
Gear (Classic Awakening!Anders gear/look.) Tevinter Mage Robes, Magus War boots, Polar gauntlets, and a Magister's staff.
Behind the Mask
Player neonowls
Face Claim
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Anders is a tall, slender mage with a nearly perpetual look of mischief and determination, apparent in his seemingly everlasting grin. He has semi-short blond hair that he keeps pulled back, save for the few strands that hang in his face. His eyes are amber in color, with thin eyebrows and a thin, pointed nose. His form is hard to determine behind the layers of teal and gold robes he wears, but overall his build is the same as most mages; Slim, pale and slightly toned.


Anders is a rebel, a man who desires freedom over all else. While he can see that there are good and bad sides to both, he is extremely biased against templars because of their oppression and enslavement of mages -- and though he wants to be free and see his fellows freed from the circle, he doesn't seem to have the motivation to do much about it on his own -- and would sooner just avoid being caught himself.

Sarcastic and witty by nature, he is always trying to find a way to put humor into any situation. So long as you don't take his sarcasm the wrong way, Anders is an extremely easy person to get along with; though he has a one-track mind when it comes to his goals, and that often blurs his judgment and others' opinions of him.

He doesn't hesitate to let people know his intentions right away, informing them immediately of his views on important subjects (even if sometimes in a joking manner.) He is very kind, however, a loyal and trusting person who is most often ready to offer help to those who need it. Anders is also extremely fond of cats, and misses the Circle's mouser dearly after its possession by a demon.


As a young boy, Anders was taken from his mother to the Circle Tower in Ferelden. Anders isn't his real name, but more a nickname that originates from the fact that he and his family are from the Anderfels.

His entire life he has despised the circle, comparing it to nothing better than a prison where mages are kept locked away and enslaved by templars. Despite his bitter feelings and experiences however, he remains rather carefree and laid-back -- having made quite the reputation for himself as a troublemaker among the tower and its residents.

During his time there, he has managed to escape a grand total of seven times; but unfortunately has never successfully stayed escaped, much to his dismay. As a result, Anders has been repeatedly accused of being a maleficar, but it was never been proven to be so. He is and always was, in fact, just an apostate. His most recent escape earned him a year of solitary confinement, in which the only company he had most days was the tower's mouser, Mr. Wiggums.