Ser Cauthrien
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 32
Birth Date
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown Outside Gwaren
Residence Denerim, Ferelden
Affiliation Loghain's lieutenant and Commander of Maric's Shield.
Occupation Soldier
Class Warrior
Gear Summer sword, heavy armor (red steel)
Behind the Mask
Player BroD
Face Claim
Profile Link Here

Ostagar. Even with the signal beckoning to us, we quit the field. We elite soldiers abandoned the King.

This also marks the day I first questioned my lord, as strange as it sounds. Who am I to doubt the Hero of River Dane? -

The march to Denerim was... chaos. Our own unit remained steadfast but, among the other survivors, the desertion was sickening.

Had they no honor? I say that, but even I set aside my shield upon reaching Dererim's gates. It does not feel right to bear the heraldry at a time like this.


So it was true. The Wardens had sent word to Orlais for troops. How else would one explain the Orlesian Warden who so boldly knocked on our gates?

It seems my lord's fears were validated. It also explains why the signal beacon was delayed, a Warden ploy to throw the battle. It was merely weakness on my part, questioning his earlier judgement.

Cauthrien penned a few more notes on the status of the troops and flipped her logbook closed, snapping to attention as footsteps approached.

Oh. That Arl, the one after the Cousland estate.

“Yes, Arl?” The man wheedled something about something and the word Teyrn and nobility and her and his bachelor son and a request from Loghain-

Wait, Loghain requested her?

“-Please excuse me, Teyrn Howe. I should attend to him then, if that is the case.”

She turned on her heel, causing Loghain's greatsword to bite uncomfortably into her armor, and marched down the hall. Yes, they needed the support of the nobles to confirm her lord as Regent; but this one... she would keep a close eye on him.

Ser Cauthrien halted by the Hero's side and saluted proudly. Still, after all this time, she couldn't help the look of awe that crept into her eyes. This was the great hero of Ferelden, the Teyrn of Gwaren, the man she sworn her utmost loyalty, the one she owed everything to.

I am honored just to serve at his side.