Status Alive
Race Human
Age 26
Birth Date
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual (Sex? Yes please!)
Hometown Llomerryn
Residence Out and about, lingering in bars.
Affiliation None
Occupation Smuggler
Class Rogue
Specialization Swashbuckler
Gear Tunic with boning, thigh high boots, twin daggers lovingly cared for.
Behind the Mask
Player Mai
Face Claim
Profile Link Here

Oh Izzy, you really did it this time, didn't you?

Isabela pulled herself from the water, her tunic soaked, hair a sodden mess around her tanned face. Her ship was at the bottom of the harbor. One of the fastest ships in Thedas, and she was gone. She hadn't been fast enough to avoid the thundering explosions of the Qunari.

No use cryin' over it now, Izzy. You're a big girl. You always land on your feet.

She put her hand to her hip and was reassured by the weight of her purse hidden in her sash. Heartbreak and Backstabber were still strapped to her shoulders, a comforting reassuring presence.

Her spirits lifted a bit. She had her weapons, she had her money. She wasn't completely shit out of luck. She could recover from this. She could-


The sodding relic. It was gone. What the sodding Void was she going to do now? Castillion was going to be mad enough at her for losing the slaves- people she had gladly let free before the ship sank- but the relic?

"Shit, shit shit...." she groaned, covering her face with a damp hand.

She gave herself a few short moments to calm down, then smiled. No worries. She could find someone in the city who would help. She could find a helpful sort who could be swayed by the soft curves of her body.

Once she had her help, she'd be on her way again.

If only she hadn't lost her SHIP.