"Either you have an enviable memory, or a pitiable life, to know nothing of regret."
Status Alive
Race Kossith
Age 35
Birth Date
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation He does not associate sexual activity with love, but can feel compassion for both genders.
Hometown Seheron, Seheron
Residence Lothering
Affiliation Qunari
Occupation Sten of the Beresaad
Class Warrior
Gear Dirty Clothing
Behind the Mask
Player Shey
Face Claim
Profile Link Here

Sten was running out of new things to look at. He was already out of letters, and was repeating them. He had switched between this bas dialect and his own, he had thought of all various ways things could be described...but this village was too small, too full of the same individuals, the same scenery, the same noises, the same reeking garbage.

An army had come through, a disorganized, chatty milieu that made him hesitate to even give it the title. Rumors flew about treason and retreat, and if he had the energy, he would have been far more disgusted. How had the Qunari not conquered these chaotic, weak-minded people, he did not understand. But, then, it was not his role to understand. It was to fight, and to answer the question of 'What is the Blight?'

He heard snippets about the Blight, from where he stood, of monsters and deaths and taint, of Wardens and betrayal. None of it made sense to him. The Wardens could not side with the darkspawn, so turning traitor was unnecessary, especially when it resulted in their deaths. But, they were also bas, and those not of the Qun tended to be irrational.

He sighed, interrupting this useless line of thought and delving back into pointless mind exercises, pinpointing, for the twentieth time, everything in his vision that began with the letter F.